Blue Tape Painting LLC Can Help you Choose Harmonious Wall Color With Your Floor Combination in Newark, Ohio

A room that is perfectly decorated is easy to appreciate. However, what really ties things together are the colors in the background that work together to create a sense of harmony. Having the right interior paint wall color that suits your flooring can easily be the one thing that pushes everything to the next level.

Wood Floors

The first step to choosing the perfect wall color is understanding your floor. This means knowing the material it is made of as that can greatly decide on what colors go best. When choosing colors that complement it, think about the underlining color of the wood as well as the finish of the flooring. Cool undertones are best paired with walls that are yellow or red to create a warm and inviting feeling. Likewise, warm floor undertones pair well with blue or green walls. Neutral undertones can pair well with any warm or cool color to help create a sense of contrast.

Oak Floors

Oak floors may come in just two kinds, however, that doesn’t mean that your options are limited. The key is to find a color that pairs well with the wall hues to bring out the floor’s nature undertones. Dark blues or greens, for example, are a perfect option to enhance the beauty of red oak. Aquamarines and pastels also make for a great choice. On the other side of things, white oak is best paired with darker wall colors like a rich charcoal to help create a more sophisticated and elegant feeling.

White Tile

White tile gives you a lot of options on how you want things to look. Pairing your white tile with white walls, for example, can allow you to build a very unified look that is perfect for small spaces. If you want to go the other way and create a look that really stands out, going for black walls can give you that striking contrast. Other great options include soft pastels to add just a hint of color or neutral colors for an amazing backdrop for artwork.

The Right Color For The Right Room

Picking the right harmonious wall color for your flooring also means creating the right atmosphere for your room. A bedroom, for instance, should offer a feeling of calm and tranquility. This means light colors to create a soothing and comforting atmosphere. Living rooms, on the other hand, do best with colors that can help to create a warm and inviting feeling that helps to build on the sense of belonging.

Finally, if you’re looking for that sophisticated and elegant look, darker colors can work wonders in any area of the home.

Building The Perfect Atmosphere Through Harmony

Finding the right color always starts with knowing your home. Having a strong understanding and idea of what you are trying to achieve is key to being able to build the right atmosphere that can allow your home to stand out while also being welcoming. With Blue Tape Painting LLC, we can give you the perfect advice on choosing the best colors for your home.